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Why is the NHS under such extreme pressure?

Darren Hughes, director of the Welsh NHS Confederation writes for the Western Mail on the current pressures facing the NHS in Wales.
2 August 2021, 8:06 am

Peer learning; Health inequalities and the elective and diagnostic backlog

In this webinar, we will explore how to achieve not just equality of access but equity of outcome for all patients.
30 July 2021, 3:06 pm

PCNs call for more funding, support and autonomy to shore up the health and wellbeing of their local communities and the NHS Long Term Plan

PCNs call for more funding, support and autonomy to allow them to support the health and wellbeing of their local communities.
30 July 2021, 2:28 pm

Primary care networks: two years on

A report on the progress made by primary care networks and the challenges they have faced, two years since their creation.
30 July 2021, 9:34 am

Success criteria for a reformed health and care system

What are ambitious leaders seeing as the most important and demanding success criteria for integrated systems?
30 July 2021, 8:35 am

Improving access and quality of treatment for people who identify as LGBTQI+

Devon Partnership NHS Trust share their quality improvement journey to make their TALKWORKS service more inclusive and effective for LGBTQI+ people.
29 July 2021, 1:31 pm

National Inclusive and Sustainable Economies Network

A multi-agency forum to explore the evidence, ideas and promising practice on how to reset the economy for improved health and shared prosperity.
29 July 2021, 1:10 pm

Test and trace figures suggest change in mindset

Layla McCay comments on the latest test and trace figures for England.
29 July 2021, 11:48 am

Being candid about COVID-19: preparation for the public inquiry

The NHS must be ready for the microscope of the COVID-19 public inquiry, to ensure that lessons are learned for the future from the pandemic response.
29 July 2021, 10:34 am

Good quality affordable homes can help improve public health and reduce widening health inequalities

Good quality, affordable homes can help meet our public health challenges and reduce the widening health inequalities in our communities.
28 July 2021, 10:39 pm

There's good reason for the NHS to engage internationally

Supporting the NHS family in maximising international opportunities.
28 July 2021, 10:34 pm

Improvement, improvement, improvement

The last few years have been significant in establishing a new direction for the Welsh NHS.
28 July 2021, 10:30 pm

Let's all share in self-care

Easy access to trusted information tailored to the individual, and which the public can support, is vital.
28 July 2021, 10:19 pm

HSJ Value Awards: The part played by Healthwatch Kirklees in finalists Calderdale and Huddersfield FT’s project

Helping Calderdale and Kirklees to develop a compelling narrative for changing outpatient services.
28 July 2021, 10:12 pm

Think self-care for life

Self-care could be wider reaching than having an overflowing bathroom medicine cabinet.
28 July 2021, 10:07 pm

Wellness and self-care is the only way of achieving a healthy future

Why creating an effective, population-wide commitment to wellness and self-care is the way forward for a sustainable healthy future.
28 July 2021, 10:01 pm

A perfect storm?

Despite better planning and a real commitment to meet patient needs, NHS pressures of rising demand and front line staff shortages remain.
28 July 2021, 9:53 pm

Debating who should run the NHS

This week we held our annual debate which focussed on accountability, one of the areas on which the NHS Plan for England is arguably rather light.
28 July 2021, 9:47 pm

The day of reckoning is nigh – the Conservatives promised, now they must deliver

Health leaders waking up to a Conservative majority should have been be reassured that Long Term Plan’s direction of travel looks set to be maintained
28 July 2021, 9:40 pm

Amanda Pritchard appointment as NHS chief executive ensures continuity for health service

Matthew Taylor has commented on the appointment of Amanda Pritchard as the next chief executive of the NHS in England.
28 July 2021, 3:15 pm