WardipediaThe Wardipedia website provides access to a collection of ideas, examples, information and research about therapeutic mental health inpatient care.

Access it at www.wardipedia.org

Mental health inpatient staff have generously shared their best practice ideas so that others can adopt and adapt these and have flung in some other information and examples.

Wardipedia includes:

  • examples of great practice on wards
  • articles, papers and research evidence
  • links to useful resources, information and services
  • opinions, jokes and stuff that’s simply fun

Wardipedia is structured around seven domains, represented by the acronym IMAGINE, and each domain has 11 Ideas:

  • Imagination – what’s it like for the patient?
  • Mindfulness – chilling out
  • Activities – social, recreational, physical
  • Generosity – sharing, kindness, giving  
  • Involvement –influence, information, independence
  • Neighbours – friends, family, fellow patients
  • Empathy – for self and others

Wardipedia is a project of Star Wards, developed by the social justice charity Bright and led by Bright’s chief executive, Marion Janner. Star Wards provides practical ideas and inspiring examples from and for mental health ward staff.

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