Second National Personal Budget Survey

Second National Personal Budget SurveyThis report highlights the findings of the Second National Personal Budget Survey into the impact of personal budgets in most people’s lives.

More than 3,000 personal budget holders and their carers took part in the survey from 22 council areas. The survey shows a largely positive impact of personal budgets in most people’s lives.

The survey found that:

  • Over 70% of people who hold a personal budget reported a positive impact on being independent, getting the support they need and want and being supported with dignity.
  • Over 60% reported a positive impact on physical health, mental wellbeing and control over their support.
  • A further 50% reported a positive impact on feeling safe in and outside their home, and in their relationships with paid supporters.

he survey utilised the Personal Outcomes and Evaluation Tool (POET) which has been developed over a number of years by In Control and Lancaster University. Its aim is to provide a national benchmark on the impact that personal budgets are having on people’s lives.

Other key findings included:

  • Councils continuing to find some aspects of the delivery process difficult. When people responded to the invitation to comment on their experiences, there was a high level of positivity in respect of impact on people’s lives, but people were much less positive about the personal budget processes.
  • Personal budgets had less impact in some areas including choosing where to live/who to live with, relationships with family, relationships with friends, getting and keeping a paid job and volunteering.
  • However, some councils do quite well even in the more difficult outcome areas suggesting others could make more progress.
  • For all social care groups, councils making the personal budget process easier were robustly associated with better outcomes for personal budget holders. In particular, having a person’s views fully included in planning was very strongly linked to positive results The same findings apply to carers.
  • Most carers of personal budget holders also reported positive experiences  saying it made their life better in terms of finances (52%), having the support you need to continue caring and remain well (69%), carers quality of life (60%), and carers’ physical and mental wellbeing (53%).