Mental health PbR: guidance for 2013 to 2014

Mental health PbR: guidance for 2013 to 2014This guidance published by the Department of Health includes a set of indicative cluster costs and proposes quality and outcome measures.

The guidance aims to ensure that all contracts are rebased on the basis of the mental health cluster by providing a methodology which sets out an approach for how this can be done.

Following a review of the readiness of providers and commissioners the Department of Health concluded that it is not yet possible to introduce a national tariff in 2013-14 without significant risks.

The indicative cluster costs are based on the maximum cluster review period. This reassessment process provides a way of measuring whether there has been any improvement in a service user’s mental wellbeing during a period of care. The Department of Health would like providers and commissioners to provide feedback on how these indicative costs compare with local prices during 2013.

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