HeadMedsHeadMeds is a website for young people about mental health medications and mental health conditions, managed by YoungMinds.

Access HeadMeds at https://headmeds.org.uk

HeadMeds provides information about the 21 medicines that are often used by young people. It also provides information about mental health conditions.

HeadMeds has been produced as part of the Innovation Labs initiative, which has created seven digital tools to improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people.

The team behind HeadMeds held focus groups with young people to find out what they might want to know. They also did a survey with doctors who prescribe medicines for mental health to ask them which ones they used most (a) for young people aged under 18 and (b) for adults over 18.

The information on HeadMeds is based on the following sources

  • The British National Formulary (Adult version) (BNF)
  • The British National Formulary for Children (BNFc)
  • The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines for Psychiatric Medicines-(John Wiley publishers)
  • The Electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC)
  • Pharmacology at a Glance-(John Wiley publishers)
  • The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List (Drugs in Sport)