From the pond into the sea: Children’s transition to adult health services

Children's transition to adult health servicesThis report published by the Care Quality Commission presents findings from a recent review into children’s transition to adult health services. Finding shows that young people with complex health needs do not always receive the necessary care and support when they move on to adult care services.


The transition process can be a vulnerable time for young people and their families. During this period, they stop receiving health services that they may have had since a young age (such as care to support mobility, breathing, swallowing or pain) and move on to equivalent adult services which can be structured and funded differently.

Key recommendations

  • Commissioners and providers must listen to, involve and learn from young people and their families and understand what they want from their care.
  • Existing national guidance must be followed so that young people are appropriately supported through their transition.
  • GPs should be more involved at an earlier stage in planning for transition.
  • Services must be tailored to meet the needs of young people transferring from children’s health services and include extra training for health care staff in caring for young people.