Five Year Forward View for Mental Health

Five Year Forward View for Mental HealthThis independent report of the Mental Health Taskforce sets out a strategic approach to improving mental health outcomes across the health and care system, in partnership with the health arm’s length bodies. It prioritises prevention, access, integration, quality and a positive experience of care.

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During the development of the strategy, the taskforce sought the expert input of people with personal experience of mental health problems, families, carers and professionals as well as reviewing clinical and economic evidence. Over 20,000 people gave their assessments of what works well, what doesn’t and suggested how to tackle some of the challenges – including the stigma that too frequently prevents people going to get the help they need.

The report makes a set of recommendations for the six NHS arm’s length bodies to achieve the ambition of parity of esteem between mental and physical health for children, young people, adults and older people. The report also sets out recommendations where wider action is needed and places a particular focus on tackling inequalities.

The report covers:

  • Commissioning for prevention and quality
  • Good quality care for all 7 days a week
  • Innovation and research to drive change
  • Strengthening the workforce
  • A transparency and data
  • Incentives, levers and payment
  • Fair regulation and inspection
  • Leadership inside the NHS, across government
and in wider society

The report recommends eight principles to underpin reform:

  1. Decisions must be locally led
  2. Care must be based on the best available evidence
  3. Services must be designed in partnership with people who have mental health problems and with carers
  4. Inequalities must be reduced to ensure all needs are met, across all ages
  5. Care must be integrated – spanning people’s physical, mental and social needs
  6. Prevention and early intervention must be prioritised
  7. Care must be safe, effective and personal, and delivered in the least restrictive setting
  8. The right data must be collected and used to drive and evaluate progress

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