Five Ways to Wellbeing app

Five Ways to Wellbeing appThe Five Ways to Wellbeing app, developed by Somerset Public Health, helps people improve their well-being through everyday activities No rules, no regulations.

Taking the renowned Five Ways to Wellbeing developed by the new economics foundation into the digital world, the free app gives anyone with an iOS or Android smartphone a chance to reflect on their wellbeing, set activities to help  improve their wellbeing and track their progress – all from the comfort of a phone.

Download the Five Ways to Wellbeing app for free from the Google play and Apple App Store.

Five Ways to Wellbeing appThe activities are not prescriptive. It has been built to be very flexible to give you a free and convenient way of reminding yourself to look after your wellbeing and take time to:

  • Connect
  • Take Notice
  • Be Active
  • Keep Learning, and
  • Give.

Applications features

  • Set yourself activities to complete throughout the week
  • Keep track of how many activities you’ve completed and earn trophies as you go!
  • Reflect on how well you connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give and track how well you think you’re doing
  • Set reminders to reflect so each week you can keep learning
  • Learn about wellbeing and how the Five Ways can help you
  • Find out how other people have used the Five Ways in the personal stories section
  • Get a quote a day to help you keep working on your wellbeing