Employment and recovery a good practice guide

Employment and recovery a good practice guideThe National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA) and Jobcentre Plus published ‘The Joint-Working Protocol Between Jobcentre Plus and Treatment Providers’ (December 2010) to promote more effective approaches to the education, training and employment (ETE) needs of people in drug treatment.

The protocol formalised the expectations required of each agency and introduced an information-sharing process to allow service users, treatment keyworkers and Jobcentre Plus advisors to work together to collaboratively address employment-related needs of people in treatment.

Since December 2010 there have been significant changes to the way Jobcentre Plus provides support to benefit claimants and the purpose of this document is to update the protocol to reflect these changes. In particular, it has been updated to include the government’s Work Programme in the joint-working arrangements with treatment providers.

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