Economic evaluation of a liaison psychiatry service

Economic evaluation of a liaison psychiatry serviceThis is an independent economic evaluation of the Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge (RAID) psychiatric liaison service operating in City Hospital Birmingham.

It is based mainly on a critical scrutiny and re-analysis of data collected as part of a wider internal review.

RAID is an award-winning service which offers comprehensive mental health support, available 24/7, to all people aged over 16 within the hospital. The authors conclude that the service generates significant cost savings and is excellent value for money.

The analysis of cost savings in the internal review of RAID focused on the ability of the service to promote quicker discharge from hospital and fewer re-admissions, resulting in reduced numbers of
in-patient bed-days.

Based on a comparison of lengths of stay and rates of re-admission in similar groups of patients before and after RAID was introduced in December 2009, in place of a previous, smaller liaison
service, the internal review estimated that cost savings are in the range of £3.4 – £9.5 million a year. Most of these savings come from reduced bed use among elderly patients.

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