Developing effective holistic services for young people

Developing effective holistic services for young peopleThis briefing published by Youth Access provides guidance for health and local authority commissioners on how to develop joined-up services for young people in transition that can provide co-ordinated support on health, mental health, social welfare, personal and practical issues.

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Current patterns of service delivery fail to meet young people’s specific needs – leaving many young people struggling to resolve their difficulties alone or falling through the gaps between child and adult services. A holistic and integrated approach is crucial to improving access, quality and outcomes.

Young people often need help to address a range of inter-related personal, practical, emotional, health, social welfare and legal needs simultaneously. Without co-ordinated, age-appropriate early intervention, young people can develop serious and entrenched multiple problems.

Services need to be young person-centred in order to secure the high quality relationships of trust between service and service user that are key to achieving good outcomes.

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