Detentions under the Mental Health Act in England, 2011-2012

Health and Social Care Information for Mental HealthInpatients Formally Detained in Hospitals Under the Mental Health Act 1983 and Patients Subject to Supervised Community Treatment – England, 2011-2012, Annual figures

These statistics produced by the Health and Social Care Information Centre are important in monitoring uses of Mental Health Act 1983 and will be of interest to mental health professionals as well as service users, their families and representative organisations.

The latest data for 2011/12 suggest that the number of people subject to detention under the Mental Health Act continues to rise. There is increasing use of Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) with nearly half ending with the reinstatement of the underlying detention Section.

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Key facts

  • On the 31st March, 22,267 people were subject to detention or CTO restrictions under The Act in NHS and independent sector hospitals. This represents a 6 per cent increase since the previous year and includes 17,503 people were detained in hospital and 4,764 people subject to a CTO.
  • There were a total of 48,631 detentions in NHS and independent hospitals during 2011/12. This number was 5 per cent (2,283) greater than during the 2010/11 reporting period. Total detentions in independent sector hospitals increased by 21 per cent; a large proportion of this increase was attributable to a 45 per cent increase in uses of Section 2.
  • There were 4,220 CTOs made during 2011/12, an increase of 386 (10 per cent) since 2010/11. The number of CTO recalls increased by 30 per cent and it is estimated that around 70 per cent ended in a revocation (an increase of approximately 10 percentage points since last year). The rise in CTO recalls and revocations may be linked to the 6 per cent reduction (473) in uses of Part II Section 3 of The Act.
  • There were 15,240 uses of place of safety orders (Sections 135 and 136) in hospitals during 2011/12; this figure was 6 per cent (841) greater than during 2010/11. New experimental figures estimate that 8,667 orders were made in hospitals, accounting for at least 37 per cent of all place of safety orders.
  • This report also includes some new experimental analysis on The Act using data from the MHMDS quarterly data submission files as the data source.