Crossing Boundaries

Crossing BoundariesThis report sets out the findings from the Mental Health Foundation’s Inquiry into integrated health care for people with mental health problems.

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The Inquiry which ran from April 2012 to June 2013 aimed was to identify good practice, generate discussion, and draw up key messages on integrated healthcare for people with mental health problems.

The Inquiry identified two underpinning essentials for integrated care:

  • having the right people in the organisation – both leaders who will drive forward integration at a strategic level agenda and staff who understand and respect the roles and responsibilities of other professions and are willing to work with patients and across organisational and professional boundaries
  • cross-boundary inter-professional training and education – there is a pressing need for more interprofessional education and training on mental health, both in terms of its genesis and indivisibility with physical health. This must be ongoing with continuing professional development.

The Inquiry identified nine factors that impacted on the provision of good integrated care for people with mental health needs:

  1. Information-sharing systems
  2. Shared protocols
  3. Joint funding and commissioning
  4. Co-located services
  5. Multidisciplinary teams
  6. Liaison services
  7. Navigators
  8. Research
  9. Reduction of stigma