Community mental health survey 2013

The 2013 Care Quality Commission survey of people who use community mental health services provides information about the experiences of more than 13,000 people during the past 12 months.

The survey asks people about the care and support they received from mental health services outside hospital, such as those offered by outpatient clinics, local teams providing crisis home treatment, assertive outreach, early intervention for psychosis, and generic community mental health services.

People generally responded positively to questions asking about the health or social care staff that they had seen most recently. The survey also identifies where services can and must improve, such as information and involvement in: decisions about medication, care planning, care reviews, crisis care and support with day to day living.

The Community Mental Health survey is currently under review and is expected to change before the next survey takes place.

Download Community mental health services survey 2013: National summary

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