Common mental health disorders profiling tool

This tool, developed by the Mental Health Dementia and Neurology Intelligence Network, supports an intelligence driven approach to understanding and meeting the needs of people with common mental health problems.

Access the Common mental health disorders profiling tool

It collates and analyses of a wide range of publically available data on prevalence, risk, prevention, early intervention, assessment, treatment, outcomes and service costs.

It provides commissioners, service providers, clinicians, services users and their families with the means to benchmark their area against similar populations and gain intelligence about what works.

Common mental health disorders profiling tool

Tool structure – data are presented under the headings Risk and Related Factors, Prevalence, Services, Quality and Outcomes, and Finance. Within this they are grouped by geography (Clinical Commissioning Group or local authority) and then ordered by topic (e.g. primary care followed by secondary care).

Tool content – data are drawn from many sources and vary by time period, population and presentation of values. Care should be taken with interpretation. Detailed meta data and any caveats are set out in the Definitions section.

Data quality – indicators are included if viewed as robust, of sufficient quality, or they offer an important element that could not be otherwise gained. Each indicator has been assessed and labelled with its quality rank.