Carer and User Expectations of Services (CUES)

CUES is Patient Rated Outcome Measures (PROMS) which enable users of mental health services to rate their experience across the range of domains that they consider to be important.

CUES focuses on the following areas of service experience:

  1. Where you live
  2. Money
  3. Help with finances
  4. How you spend your day
  5. Family and friends
  6. Social life
  7. Information and advice
  8. Access to mental health services
  9. Choice of mental health services
  10. Relationships with mental health workers
  11. Consultation and control
  12. Advocacy
  13. Stigma and discrimination
  14. Your medication/drug treatment
  15. Access to physical health services
  16. Relationships with physical health workers


Lelliott, P., Beevor, A., et al (2001) Carers’ and Users’ Expectations of Services — User version (CUES—U): a new instrument to measure the experience of users of mental health services The British Journal of Psychiatry, July 2001 179:67-72; doi:10.1192/bjp.179.1.67