Bristol Autism Strategy 2012-2015

Bristol Autism Strategy 2012-2015This strategy sets out the NHS Bristol and Bristol City Council committments to working together to improve the lives and opportunities for adults and children with autism.

Download Bristol Autism Strategy 2012-2015

The strategy has been produced with the help of both people who have autism and also family carers. It has been produced in response to the requirements of the Autism Act 2009 and it is designed to ensure the local implementation of ‘Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives: The Strategy for Adults with Autism in England.

The strategy is deliberately ambitious in that it goes beyond the requirements set out in the Autism Act 2009 and the associated policy guidance, which only applies to adults. Poor outcomes for adults often have their origins in poor support in childhood. The strategy commits to ensuring good local support for children with autism across the spectrum. This includes specialist support for schools and families to prevent high rates of exclusion among people with autism. The strategy aims to do more to support people with autism in realising their potential at all stages of their lives.

The strategy recognises that effective collaborative working between children and adult statutory services and the third sector is fundamental to developing high quality support for people of all ages across the spectrum.