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The NHS Confederation is the membership body that brings together the full range of organisations that commission and provide NHS services. It brings together the views of each and every part of the healthcare system to provide a strong voice for the whole of the NHS to help guarantee high standards of care for patients and the public.

Housing and mental health Housing and mental health

This briefing, published by the NHS Confederation, explores how mental health providers and housing associations can work together to improve the quality and reduce the costs of housing for people with mental health problems. Read more »

Smoking and mental health Smoking and mental health

People with mental illness are more likely to smoke heavily than the general population. This briefing published by the NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network provides the background to smoking prevalence and the consequences for people with mental illness. Read more »

Management in the NHS: the facts Management in the NHS: the facts

This Briefing paper provides answers to some of the most common questions about managment in the NHS. Why does the NHS need managers? What do NHS managers do? Who are NHS managers? How many NHS managers are there? How much does NHS management cost? Read more »