Stronger Barnsley Together initiative

ContactRachel King
Telephone01226 774586
AddressCivic Hall, Eldon Street, Barnsley, S70 2JL

Stronger Barnsley Together initiativeThe aim of the Stronger Barnsley Together initiative is to make sure that the health and care needs of local people are met in the face of an increasingly difficult climate.

Population changes, public sector cuts and welfare reforms, have the had an impact on how Barnsley delivers these services, and they cannot afford to continue with the existing system as it is.

A new centralised monitoring centre has been set up. When the centre is alerted about an emergency case, it is assessed within one of three categories (individual, families, and communities) and the right kind of help is delivered. This will help ensure that the right help is dispatched quickly to the relevant patient.

The approach that Barnsley Council and its health partners have initiated is known locally as ‘Inverting the Triangle’. This will see a step change and strategic shift from the current approach with a greater focus on prevention and early intervention, enabling residents to support themselves and their families, within their communities, rather than being drawn into the formal system. This will allow the limited resources available to be focussed on those with the greatest need and build on the successes of personalisation and self directed support

Patients will receive tailored care to suit their requirements, whether this is day to day support to enable people to stay safe, secure and independent, or the dispatch of a mobile response unit for further investigation. This is vitally important to ensure that patients are seen swiftly and receive the care and information they need – whether this is avoiding a return to A&E, getting extra care support for a child’s care needs, or even work to improve the information available explaining how to access to council services.