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STORM Skills TrainingSTORM is a self-harm mitigation model developed at the University of Manchester. It offers skills based training in risk assessment and safety planning to frontline staff and members of the community. STORM also addresses ‘postvention’ i.e. what to do after a serious incident has occurred.

STORM is available throughout the UK, Europe and Australia. The model is used in schools, prisons, hospitals and in any situation where suicide prevention and self-harm mitigation can occur. Adapted versions of STORM are available for specific populations e.g. individuals with learning difficulties.


It was recognised that often even medical professionals only had a theoretical understanding of self-harm mitigation.

A skills based model of training was developed that allows participants to safely rehearse and practise skills in a number of different situations e.g. video feedback.


This was initially a funded research exercise which is now sustained by organisations purchasing the training, or a license to carry out their own training.

Training packages can be arranged to suit large organisations through a ‘train the trainer’ model, to smaller organisations and teams and to individuals.

Ongoing advice and consultation can be provided. Refresher training is also offered.


STORM training:

  • Allows people to practice the skills they have learnt, building confidence to ask the difficult questions in the right way.
  • Creates brilliant networking opportunities and is adaptable to any place of work for both adults and children.
  • Uses interactive methods that are known to develop skills such as role-rehearsal, filmed role-rehearsal and discussions.

The impact of STORM has been both extensive and carefully recorded in the various research studies that have been conducted. See more at

STORM has also been recognised by the Russell group of universities

Dr Gill Green, Management Director and CEO of STORM achieved the Dare to be Different Award, Higher Education Social Entrepreneurship Programme from UnLtd and the Higher Education Funding Council in 2010.


As a new start-up STORM has received excellent support to establish the business, but lacked a significant budget to publicise the benefits of the model.

Future plans

We now have a business model in place to sustain STORM. We have chosen a Community Interest Company as the most appropriate vehicle. Replication will occur by directly training frontline staff, or by licensing organisations to undertake their own training.

Key learning

In terms of training within large NHS trusts it is important to work with staff at the right level of seniority. For example the individuals who are trained should be at B and 6 or above. Those on lower bands tend to leave the organisation to develop their careers and thus deplete the host organisation’s capacity to deliver STORM training.

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