Oxleas inpatient commissioning for quality and innovation

ContactOxleas NHS Foundation Trust
AddressQueen Elizabeth Hospital, Stadium Road, Woolwich, London, SE18 4QH

Oxleas NHS Foundation TrustAs part of a wider programme to address physical health in patients with mental illness, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust looked to make improvements on inpatient wards. This involved the use of the pan London CQUIN to financially incentives inpatient wards to address the issue.

The CQUIN has 5 components:

  1. All patients to have a set of mental and physical codes recorded on RIO (electronic patients notes system), and alerts set up for those with a high mortality physical health condition e.g. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Diabetes, CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) or Hepatitis B.
  2. Patients with Diabetes, COPD, CHD, high blood pressure or obesity to be checked if they have had a GP QOF physical health screen in last 12 months, if not then carry out on ward.
  3. Smoking status to be documented on all patients admitted.
  4. All inpatients to have medication reconciliation done within 72 hours of admission, two or more sources of information should be used.
  5. Discharge summary to be sent to GP within 48 hours with agreed London CQUIN information included.

Posters were developed to promote the CQUIN and improve awareness in the trust. Importantly at Oxleas there was clear designation of tasks and responsibility assigned to specific people to ensure processes for the CQUIN occurred.