National Mental Health Projects

NHS England is collaborating with key partners and stakeholders to design and support delivery of a portfolio of projects which aim to accelerate improvement in the experience of people who  have mental health problems and physical health problems.

Public Health England and NHS England are working together with key partners to work to establish a National Mental Health Intelligence Network.

A national CCG Mental Health Commissioning Leadership Programme is being commissioned to enhance skills, expertise and capacity in commissioning mental health services.

The Department of Health’s Urgent Care Review (July 2013) has highlighted the need to review arrangements for people who have mental health problems and who are in need of urgent care, including access to S136 facilities, responsive emergency department services, hospital liaison services, and support in the community to avoid admission to hospital. This project will bring together experts by experience, clinical experts and commissioners to review evidence, understand what works, agree standards, and inform service redesign and commissioning.

What works? Part of new knowledge portal,, ‘What works’ has been created to capture examples of positive practice, what works for people who need help, treatment and care, and how this has been established. People who use services, commissioners and service providers are encouraged to submit examples of what works, and accompanying resources in order to disseminate, share and spread positive practice and learning.

Voices: discuss, debate, network – communities of interest collaborating online to improve mental health and wellbeing through better commissioning, service redesign, learning and action.