Modernising adult mental health services in Bristol

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Modernising adult mental health services in BristolIn the spring of 2011, NHS Bristol with the support of the emerging Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) decided to re-commission Bristol’s mental health services and as part of this is developing a new model of care and pathways.

This was followed by a six-month engagement exercise, exploring with the full range of stakeholders, the issues and concerns they had in relation to the provision of mental health services coupled with their ideas for improvement. This resulted in the 2011 Engagement Report articulating what stakeholders wanted and did not want from its mental health service providers.

During the winter and spring of 2011/12, a Project Team composed of a range of local stakeholders (including GPs, service users, health and social care and public health commissioners) developed a series of new care pathways informed by the 2011 Engagement Report.

These pathways were formally consulted on between 11 June and 28 September 2012.

Download Modernising adult mental health services in Bristol: Consultation Document

The feedback from this formal consultation was fed into the development of service specifications.  The early drafts of the service specifications were shared at three events with clinicians, service users and carers and providers. There was also an opportunity for people to feedback in more detail by using an on-line form.

Download Modernising adult mental health services in Bristol: Service Specification Feedback Report

This information will feed into a second draft of service specifications.  Further work will then be undertaken to ensure all elements of the service specifications work together as a system and outcome measures support delivery across the whole of the mental health system in Bristol.

Values and principles

  • Working with patients to promote resilience and wellbeing and service design & delivery
  • Being inclusive
  • Be locally accountable and Bristol focussed
  • Meet the diverse needs of Bristol’s population
  • Deliver high quality services regardless of age
  • Consider the wider context of the patient
  • Recognise and deal with safeguarding issues

Bristol’s Emerging Model of Care

  • Multiple access points which can provide information, signposting and/or intervention.
  • A decreased and refocused in-patient/secondary care element enabling a greatly expanded community/primary care component.

Specialist care to advise and support primary care

  • This model should link with and influence all the city agencies and strategies which help to improve mental wellbeing.
  • Focus on service user outcomes rather than activity (i.e. results rather than numbers).

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