Enhanced mental health services in Bristol

ContactDr Simon Bradley
Telephone01454 616767
AddressConcord Medical Centre, Braydon Ave, Little Stoke, Bristol, Avon BS34 6BQ

Concord Medical CentreThe appointment of a specialist mental health nurse at Concord Medical Centre in Bristol is delivering enhanced mental health services, providing better care for patients with mental health problems in a more efficient manner.

Research into the attendances for significant patient groups identified patients with mental health problems as a key group creating a lot of attendances with GPs concerned that they were not always able to help these patients as much as they wanted to in the short appointment slots.

The practice decided to use the funds released through the retirement of a part time GP to appoint a specialist mental health nurse.

Seven months on and the practice are really starting to see the results:

  • The mental health specialist nurse has taken on around 40 appointments and 20 scripts each week that would otherwise have been dealt with by the GPs.
  • QOF points have improved significantly
  • eferrals to secondary care have reduced by 85%
  • GPs report less pressurised surgeries
  • The dramatic reduction in hospital referrals has been in parallel with the opening of direct access for patients to counselling.
  • The practice is getting positive feedback from patients and their families.

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This innovation is helping to shift the culture in the practice, away from just offering more appointments to a more patient focused approach. The practice is now using the same method to look at other high volume patient groups, such as patients with musculo-skeletal problems.