In a recent blog post Victoria Betton, Mental Health Programme Director, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, discusses the pledge that she has made along with Jame Wollard, psychiatrist in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, to support and inspire NHS staff to talk technology to share information, have conversations and support each other.

Victoria writes, ‘Many professionals I speak to have all sorts of worries about social networking but this is even more of a reason to talk tech – to make sense of it and understand what it means for day to day practice and for professional development.’

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#NHStalktech pledge

As people who access services, as NHS practitioners, as managers and leaders, we pledge to have a conversation about how technology can help us live well.

The image below shows a mindmap that James is working on which pulls together some of the thinking around #NHStalktech
James Wollard's mindmap of the ideas around #NHStalktech