West Midlands Clinical Networks

About us

The West Midlands Clinical Networks bring together those who use the service, provide and commission the service to make improvements in outcomes for complex patient pathways using an integrated, whole system approach.

The Networks works in partnership with commissioners, supporting their decision making and strategic planning, by working across the boundaries of commissioner, provider and voluntary organisations as a vehicle for improvement for patients, carers and the public.

The West Midlands Strategic Clinical Networks will

  • reduce unwarranted variation in health and well-being services
  • encourage innovation in how services are provided now and in the future
  • provide clinical advice and leadership to support their decision making and strategic planning.

In the video below Kate Ansell, Chair of the Patient and Public Information Group, West Midlands Clinical Networks, stresses the importance of the patient voice in the work of the Network.

Find out more about the West Midlands Clinical Networks at www.wmscnsenate.nhs.uk and follow them on Twitter at @WMSCN.

Our work

Our Mental Health Network priorities are to:

  • Develop and support an outcomes-based approach to commissioning mental health services.
  • Develop and test solutions to successfully deliver improved physical healthcare for people with a mental health problem.
  • Consolidate the improvements in primary care mental health services (including IAPT) and explore opportunities to develop psychological therapy services for children closer to home.
  • Explore pathways and services for people with neuro-developmental disorders in order improve patient experience and quality of services.

Anticipated outcomes include:

  • Improved access to services which results in clinical improvement and recovery
  • Reduced cost to the system and the economy as people recover more quickly from illness
  • Increased patient choice and satisfaction
  • Improvements in patient reported outcomes and recovery rates.
  • Reduction in ‘excessive’ deaths for people with a serious mental health illness compared to people in the general population.
  • Reduction in health inequalities within the region.
  • Better management of long term comorbidities and medication.
  • Improvements in patient, user and carer-reported experience.
  • Improved quality of life for people with a mental illness.

Download the SCN West Midlands workplan for 2013-14

Who’s who

Associate Director
Noreen O’Dowd, noreen.dowd1@nhs.net

Clinical Director
Dr Sharon Binyon, sharon.binyon@covwarkpt.nhs.uk

Network Manager
Ben Parfitt, ben.parfitt@nhs.net, 0121 695 2532