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Listen and respond to views and opinions from a variety of respected sources in the mental health field. Learn about consultations that may impact on mental health services. Engage with campaigns to improve mental health and wellbeing, such as 3millionlives, Push for Action, Stand Up for Schizophrenia and Time to Change.

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#TimetoTalk #TimetoTalk

The #TimetoTalk advertising campaign, led by Time to Change, is all about the little things we can do to help friends, family and colleagues who are dealing with a mental health problem. Read more »

Eleanor Longden The voices in my head

In this video Eleanor Longden tells the moving tale of her years-long journey back to mental health, and makes the case that it was through learning to listen to her voices that she was able to survive. Read more »

Are we bothered about Billy? Are we bothered about Billy?

This article, co-authored by leading GPs and academics, explores why the 2014/15 GP contract settlement, and in particular the decision to abandon the QOF requirement to monitor regularly weight, blood glucose and lipids, appears at odds with the government’s commitment to address the 15-20 year mortality gap for people with severe mental illness. Read more »

The late Professor Helen Lester giving her 2012 James Mackenzie Lecture to the RCGP Being bothered about Billy

In her 2012 James Mackenzie Lecture to the Royal College of General Practitioners Annual General Meeting, the late Professor Helen Lester encouraged GPs to make people with serious mental illness their core business by not just screening but intervening. Read more »

Dr Martin McShane, Director for Long Term Conditions, NHS England Parity of esteem

Writing in a recent blog post, Dr Martin McShane Director for Long Term Conditions, NHS England, asserts that the disparity in approach between people with physical and mental health problems is inequitable and unfair. Read more »

Mary's story Mary’s story

In this video we learn about how Mary has used her personal health budget for psychotherapy sessions which have improved her mental health and wellbeing, enabling her to establish a much better relationship with her family. Read more »