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Leadership in context Leadership in context: Lessons from new leadership theory and current leadership development practice

Kim Turnbull James outlines some of the latest thinking in leadership theory and leadership development and includes three case studies of leadership development programmes which incorporate these ideas. The author suggests that a traditional conception of leadership, in which leadership is largely equated to leaders’ competences, behaviours and values, needs at the very least to… Read more »

Followership in the NHS Followership in the NHS

This paper suggests that the current focus on leadership underestimates the role of followers in securing a successful health service and overestimates the ability of individual ‘heroic’ leaders to make a significant difference to all circumstances. Read more »

Towards a million change agents – a review of social movements literature: implications for large scale change in the NHS

Social movements literature points towards six groups of factors which, to varying degrees, answer these three core questions as to why people are ‘moved’ or mobilised into collective action and how such mobilisation is spread and sustained. Who are the activists in the NHS? Does the NHS improvement movement have available ‘mobilising’ structures of sufficient strength to get the movement off the ground? Read more »