Evidence indicates that correct use of technology reduces:

  • death rates by 45%
  • visits to accident and emergency departments by 15%
  • emergency admissions to hospital by 20%

At least 3 million people with long term conditions could benefit from using telehealth and telecare. Along with the telehealth and telecare industry, the government is using the 3millionlives campaign to encourage greater use of remote monitoring information and communication technology in health and social care.

3millionlives is underpinned by the idea of service integration to improve patient care and outcomes. When different services and sectors work together, towards shared goals, patients get far more flexible, better, and more appropriate care.  To achieve true service integration 3millionlives needs to be delivered through a genuine partnership across NHS England – facilitating collaboration between clinicians, and empowering patients to better self-manage their conditions, with the use of technology.  The key will be to deliver service transformation through realising the potential of that technology to support clinicians, patients and carers.

Under the overall leadership of NHS England Medical Directorate, 3millionlives will be delivered going forward by combining clinical advocacy, service improvement and technology strategy – making it a true partnership and synergy within NHS England.